My Three Angels

My Three Angels
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

JOSH GOT THE JOB!! He starts on June 18th. He will go to Palestine and train. I have no idea how long or when he gets paid, which are the things that scare me most. I am just so happy that he is going to be working in a field of work that my Dad truly appreciates. I am also happy that he is going to be doing something that makes me proud. I love him and I know just KNOWing that he is getting out from under Redneck is making him happy!! Maybe one day we will move closer to Palestine, maybe not..either way..we are going to be no longer an un-happy family! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

You know, I think this type of thing only happens to us. Today, yet again, Josh's paycheck was not direct deposited, like it should have been. We have like 9cents in the bank. Thankfully, I tucked some away. However, it's not cool to have bills due YESTERDAY and need to be paid. Gotta wait til Monday. This happened before in February. Apparently the cause is a missing ZERO at the front of our account number. BOO!! I am sick of this crap. I am ready for Josh to get another job!